TeInMe (Technology – Innovation – Medicine)

Our mission is as first thing that of select solutions for the health, that there aren’t in Italy.

Our research principles/requirements are:

Innovative solution, that there aren’t yet in Italy

Tested and guaranteed in other countries (Germany until now) with many treatments carried out and testimonials

Scientific studies

High demand in Italy for these solutions match to other internationals partners (Germany, England, Austria, France, United States, Slovakia, India, Dubai, …), on its validity and efficiency.
Test and confirmation with Italian professionals: Doctors, physiotherapists, …

Only when a solution in valid and chosen for us, we have different approaches:

In the first phase, we want to introduce the solution in Italy! According to the solution we look for suitable partners (medical offices, clinics, physiotherapists or pharmacies) and we use this solution to create/assure Italian testimonial (If possible of several region).

  1. Documentation, evaluation and publication of these testimonials
  2. We use a TEinME Cloud solution to create scorecards / questionnaires in cooperation with manufacturers / companies together with clinics / doctors to have a reporting / Benchmarking both for the company (supplier of therapies, medical device or other) and for the doctor / clinic to perfect treatments / therapies.
  3. We organize conferences (video and real) between TEinME Partners (professionals) to improve services, transfer know-how.
  4. In the next phase we select the network and suitable partners to cover the needs / requests throughout Italy both from the patient’s point of view and from the Partner’s point of view (POS, doctor, pharmacy …)
  5. We also offer Therapy / device manufacturers to integrate our solution with devices to maximize treatment management and provide more transparency. (Example CRT-Therapy)

Thus TEinME is the bridge between the manufacturer of services / products in health / health and wellness and the clinics, clinics, doctors, physiotherapists and professionals who serve their patients.


TEinME then assists:

  • the professional, to improve the result for his patients
  • gives more transparency and clarity to the patient, and professional
  • helps the manufacturer to position its solutions effectively in a very sensitive market
  • improves solutions through transparency and quality management.

ATTENTION: TEinME does not offer any therapies itself – we only help people to inform theirselves and to get into contact with doctors or physiotherapists. We cannot make any claims on healing for any therapy or treatment or other product like food supplements etc on which we inform on our website nor beeing responsible to check all content of linked URLs at any time.
People always need analysis, diagnosis and then the advice of a specialist / doctor to determine the correct therapy.

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