CONact is a company born in Germany in ’80.

With experience in the managerial consultancy field, has been engaged in the concepts realization for international customers.

From this, the name CON=strategy and act=action

In the past it made important experiences in the investment, real estate, software and tourism field.

In Italy since 2007 with international solutions and products, also in the “Healthcare” field.

CONact aim to introduce products and innovative technologies in the medical field.

For this reason, we created TeInMe (Tecnology – Innovation – Medicine).

Our mission is as first thing that of select solutions for the health, that there aren’t in Italy.

Our research principles/requirements are:

Innovative solution, that there aren’t yet in Italy

Tested and guaranteed in other countries (Germany until now) with many treatments carried out and testimonials

Scientific studies

High demand in Italy for these solutions match to other internationals partners (Germany, England, Austria, France, United States, Slovakia, India, Dubai, …), on its validity and efficiency.
Test and confirmation with Italian professionals: Doctors, physiotherapists, …

Only when a solution in valid and chosen for us, we have different approaches:

In the first phase, we want to introduce the solution in Italy! According to the solution we look for suitable partners (medical offices, clinics, physiotherapists or pharmacies) and we use this solution to create/assure Italian testimonial (If possible of several region).

  1. Documentation, evaluation and publication of these testimonials
  2. In the next phase we select the network and the suitable partners to cover the requirements/requests in all Italy both by the patient and the partner point of view (POS, doctor, pharmacy, …)
Our partners