Pain and accident/disease

The pain is a mechanism and biological reaction to let us know that something doesn’t work, is wrong. This alarm bell gives us the opportunity to react and solve the problem. For this reason, is very important, crucial, always know the pain cause!

Knowing it we can repair the defect.

Naturally, we must also treat the pain with different methods but if we don’t repair the defect, the cause will continue.

Some pathologies that we discover to have thanks to the pain caused, as for the arthrosis, they can be controlled with therapies/drugs and a proper lifestyle.

However, other pathologies don’t cause pain, such as the osteoporosis, for this reason it can become a danger if we discover it too late with the final expression of the disease, the fracture event.

Pathologies list that find a solution in the innovation:

Indicazioni Medical field % Popolation
arthrosis 6.000.000
lips injuries
disc herniation
bone fractures
Osteoporosis 4.500.000
Bone oedema
metabolic disorders
strained ligament
Spinal column trauma
calcific tendinitis
tendons regeneration
Rheumatoid arthritis
tennis elbow
meniscus pain
knee joints pain
ligaments pain
patella injury
kneecap injury
sciatic pain
muscle hardening
inflammation of synovial bag
inflammation of Achilles tendon
flat foot pain
heel spurs
Parkinson’s Disease Neurology 500.000
multiple sclerosis Neurology 114.000
multiple sclerosis Neurology 114.000
Neuropathies Neurology
Sudek Algodystrophy Syndrome or CRPS Neurology
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ALS Neurology 3.600
Paresis Neurology
Stroke Neurology 200.000
Restless Legs Syndrome Neurology
Muscular imbalance Orthopedic
fractures Orthopedic
muscle strains Orthopedic
hip prosthesis Orthopedic
plastic syndesmosis Orthopedic
arthrosis Orthopedic
Hyperactivity Pediatric
Cognitive deficits Pediatric
Autism Pediatric 400.000
paresis Pediatric
spastic paresis Pediatric
Athetoses Pediatric
Sensory training Pediatric
Reflex stimulation Symptom related
Ligaments stabilization Symptom related
Back pain Symptom related
Falls prevention Symptom related
Ataxia Symptom related
Spasms Symptom related
Urinary incontinence Symptom related
Depression Symptom related
Sciatica Symptom related