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SEPTEMBER 21, 2019 in Rome

“Patients with osteo-articular pathology: new technologies and therapeutic opportunities”


Degenerative neurological diseases and arthritic joint disorders constitute two of the most frequent types of disease, widespread in all parts of the world, capable of involving adult and senile age groups with frequency that increases exponentially with increasing age.

Many therapies are available today for the symptomatic and, at least in part, pathogenic management of neuromuscular and degenerative arthritic diseases; however, numerous needs remain unmet, in that, many patients do not achieve a satisfactory level of quality of life, despite the therapies they undergo, and others are unable to tolerate some of the proposed treatments. In this context from the experience of German centers come today in Italy two new therapeutic tools, innovative in mechanism of action and extremely promising as an efficacy and safety profile .

The rationale of the present meeting is aimed at identifying the areas of pathology and the type of patient most suitable to experience the potential benefits of TRM-Fit ( Magnetic Resonance Treatment ) / CRT-Treatments  and Stochastic Resonance Footplate to clarify the mechanisms through which the benefits of these treatments are expressed and to publicize the data in the literature and the clinical experiences gained from the use of these devices in Germany and Italy.

The goal is to develop greater awareness of the potential of the treatment in the medical class and to establish these new therapeutic principles in the daily clinical practice of the treatment of neuromuscular and arthritic diseases.


Scientific Responsible: Dr. Umberto Massafra – Rheumatology

                                          Dr. Giovanna Loria – Neurology 

                                         Dr. Pietro Ceccobelli – Emergency Surgery